RECORDING - Have great demo songs written and ready for album quality recordings? All instrumental tracking options available from a killer vocal session, guitar overdubs, to a full-on orchestral epic. Whatever you need, we can make it happen with various studios, session musicians, and gear for you to choose from! 

PRODUCTIONNeed full production on a Single, EP, or Album? This is a great option for artists/bands with a general idea and layout of their song(s) looking for the extra push with songwriting, song structures, hooks, riffs, etc. Adding additional instruments/layers like extra guitars, synths, strings, atmospheres, orchestral arrangements, and etc. is also available! Tracking/Production/Mixing is included with full productions. Get in touch via the contact page for studio options, availability, and pricing!

MIXINGAlready have your songs recorded professionally and want an impactful mix? Have your multi-track sessions balanced and sculpted to taste, bringing the song, production, and overall sonic field to a whole new level! Singles, EPs, and Album packages available!

MASTERINGAlready have your songs mixed and ready to go? Have your stereo mixes mastered for the final polish and competitive loudness. Whether you'd prefer your song super dynamic and breathing, extremely crushed and slamming, either or and in-between can be achieved! Digital, Analog, and Hybrid Mastering services are available for singles, EPs, and full-length records!

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