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ZEISTENCROIX Pull Heartstrings In New Single "ICE QUEEN" Mixed by TIM PALMER

Los Angeles based post industrial noir band ZEISTENCROIX have released the first single from their new EP "CRUXI-FICTION" entitled "ICE QUEEN". It's a dark and melancholic love song featuring entrancing acoustic guitars, baritone vocals, and catchy hooks. The single was mixed by Tim Palmer, and engineered, produced, and mastered by Alex Crescioni. The video will be released for "ICE QUEEN" on August 26th along with the full EP "CRUXI-FICTION" via Pavement Music.

Stream "ICE QUEEN"

Written by OD & Zeistencroix

Produced by Zeistencroix & Alex Crescioni

Mixed by Tim Palmer

Mastered by Alex Crescioni


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