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TRANSTORNO Releases Blackened Death Metal Album "CONJUNCION ALQUIMICA"

Los Angeles based blackened death metal band "TRANSTORNO" fronted by Pedro Sanchez, releases their sophomore album entitled "CONJUNCION ALQUIMICA" It encompasses 7 full songs of straight up brutality with lyrics in Spanish.

  1. Destino Final (feat. Benny Rotten)

  2. Solve Et Coagula

  3. Oma'dius

  4. Lineas De Tus Manos

  5. Raza Antigua

  6. O Padre Lucifer

  7. De Un Solo Golpe (Tributo a Arturo Huizar)

Written and Produced by Pedro Sanchez.

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Alex Crescioni at ES Audio Recording Studios and Stygian Sound in Los Angeles.


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