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Quell Your 'EGO': Cross Into the Achromatic with SKUMLOVE's Intense New Music Video

Congrats to SKUMLOVE on the release of the new music video for “EGO”. We had a great time recording drums at Left Coast Label (previously in North Hollywood) and the remaining overdubs at Stygian Sound. Skum trusted me to take the track to a darker place than the original, so I took my time experimenting with tones. A lot of unique guitar pedals were used to craft textures in the mix, along with some unorthodox vocal treatments. Thanks to the band for trusting me 🔥 Also fantastic video production by Industrialism Films...this is definitely my favorite Skumlove video 😈

Video by Industrialism Films

Video Directed by Skumlove

Drums Recorded at Left Coast Label

Overdubs Recorded at Stygian Sound

Produced and Mixed by Alex Crescioni

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum


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