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It was an absolute honor and pleasure working with MGT and Burton in the studio at Stygian Sound for this epic new Rammstein cover. Please welcome back the dry lung vocal martyr!

From Burton...

“I am honored to have been considered for this killer salute to Rammstein, and grateful that Brian Perera and Cleopatra Records, directly reached out and texted me, “Can you sing in German?” I replied, “Sure!”, knowing full well I had never sung in German. I am especially thankful for my German “tutor”, Konstanze Louden, who graciously took the time to instruct me on correct German pronunciation!��It was a joy having the opportunity to work with two massive talents, Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT) and Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke). I was inspired and energized to "make this song mine". I dug deep into this track, and prepared myself accordingly. When I felt ready, working and recording in the studio with Alex Crescioni and Mark at Stygian Sound was a truly magical session, and a great privilege.��I am very proud of how this track freaking rocks, so much that I decided to present DU HAST as my “breakout debut.” It truly spoke to me. The original version will always reign, however if you plan to record a cover, make it your own, and make it sound freaking amazing. Honor the music!” - BCB

Written by Rammstein Vocals by Burton C. Bell Guitars, Production, Mix by Mark Gemini Thwaite Drums by Big Paul Ferguson Vocal engineering by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound Mastered by Jurgen Engler Cleopatra Records 2023


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