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MEEGS RASCON Brings Heavy Riffs With The Doomchild Fuzz & Schecter Guitars!

Meegs Rascon doing what he does best bringing the heavy riffage with the Doomchild Fuzz & Schecter Guitars! Check out his bands Gemini Syndrome and Coal Chamber:

Doomchild Effects:

Schecter Guitars:

Signal Chain: Schecter C-7 Apocalypse, Mogami Silent Instrument Cable, Doomchild Fuzz (Gain at 6, Volume 10) LANEY VH100R set with gain and drive at 7, EQ Flat. 4x12 Cab with Celestion Greenbacks, miced with an SM57, Canare Mic cable, Avedis MA-5 mic preamp, straight into Pro Tools. Produced and Filmed at Stygian Sound. Enjoy!


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