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KIF BENDER Releases Eclectic Metal Concept Album "PANDORA'S BOX"

Singer/Songwriter Kif Bender has released his new full length record entitled "Pandora's Box". It's a concept album that pulls you through his intense story of addiction. The songs are extremely varied and fantastically unique. The album kicks in with a 19 minute progressive metal / multi-genre epic, and ends with a reprise version. This was a very challenging yet satisfying album to work on...

A few words from Kif:

"So I have a big announcement! My new album, Pandora's Box, is released! I only have one request - it's a concept album, so I ask that people listen from start to finish in order on the first listen. It tells my story and is about my battle with addiction during the past few years."

  1. Pandora's Box

  2. Dans le Ciel Noir

  3. Moving Home

  4. Inner Thoughts

  5. The Liar

  6. I'll Always Return To You

  7. Crashing and Burning

  8. The Corkscrew

  9. Can't Say Goodbye

  10. Pandora's Box - Reprise

Written by Kif Bender.

Engineered and Produced by Ben Jovi at Left Coast Label Recording Studios.

Mixed and Mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound.


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