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BURTON C. BELL Returns with “ANTI-DROID” - It was an absolute honor to work with Burton on his new solo endeavor. We created a song that we both felt was his next step forward, breaking away from the past and into a futuristic world of transcendence. My goal in music making is to always do my absolute best to deliver the artist’s vision and exceed those expectations. Burton wanted a hard hitting industrial sound, so we did just that. Thank you Burton for trusting me with your art 🔥🤖🔥 Please welcome back the dry lung vocal martyr!

I’d also like to thank Vicente Cordero for agreeing to work with us and direct the music video! The video shoot was a day for the books and he absolutely hit it out of the park with his directing skills. Also a major thank you to our droids, Jorden Mitev, Henrik Linde, and Fernando Padron. Thank you to Kim Moran for the wonderful BTS photos (which I’ll be posting soon) and to the very talented Krystal Strifert for the excellent makeup on Burton 🔥 

“A statement about breaking free. Breaking the bonds of what I felt was a prison in many ways. Not just financially or contractually but creatively, as well. I felt constrained to this format we’d written ourselves into. The ‘factory’ doesn’t have a capital F. It’s the factory of the music industry, a certain form of business, and priorities. Being a slave to an established way of thinking is not really freedom. I am moving forward.” - BCB

Video Directed & Edited by Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films.

Video Produced by Alex Crescioni of Stygian Sound.

Concept by Burton C. Bell & Alex Crescioni.

Single Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound.

All lyrics by Burton C. Bell.

Droid Actors:

Jorden Mitev

Henrik Linde

Fernando Padron

Makeup Artist:

Krystal Strifert


Kim Moran

Burton C. Bell, Stygian Sound 2023.


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