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BEAUTY IN CHAOS Releases "Behind The Veil" & "Further Behind The Veil"

BEAUTY IN CHAOS has released their new 2 Disc album "Behind The Veil" and "Further Behind The Veil" featuring an excellent variety of remixes by Sin Quirin, Tim Palmer, Paul Wiley, Mark Gemini Thwaite, and more. Sin Quirin and I had a blast working on "ORION (Deconstruction A Dream Mix)" featuring the music of Beauty In Chaos and the lovely vocals of Whitney Tai. You can stream the album on all digital platforms and purchase CDs from the Beauty In Chaos Official Website:

Stream "ORION (Deconstructing A Dream Mix) on Apple Music Here:

Music by Beauty In Chaos

Vocals by Whitney Tai

Re-Mix by Sin Quirin

Mixed by Alex Crescioni

Mastered by Michael Rozon

CDs Available Here:


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