"Alex is a great producer, very talented musician, square, and professional. I had my songs perfectly done in a shorter amount of time than I expected. He understands my vision, does his best to collaborate with the instructions that I give, and can be a very creative guy when you let him have some freedom on your songs. Crescioni definitely deserves his place in the music industry. I would be glad to continue collaborating with him and highly recommend his quality services for your future projects."


I love working with Alex at Stygian Sound! The studio is clean, it has a great ambiance,  and a chillaxed vibe, which makes it really easy and comfortable to get into your groove quickly and effortlessly. Alex is a great producer! He’s patient, insightful, has a good ear, and fun! He knows what style and sound you’re going for so it’s really quick and easy to get your sound dialed in and it helps save a lot of time. I’ve worked with Alex a few different times, each with a different genre of metal, and he nails it every time! Besides recording, mixing, and mastering my music, Alex also helped me by shooting a video for me. He Filmed, Directed, and Edited my whole video “Serpents & Storms” and it came out truly amazing! He can do it all! I can’t say enough great things about working with Alex and Stygian Sound, it’s always a great time and a memorable experience. I’m looking forward to my next music endeavor to record there again. I don't want to record anywhere else! 


"Alex jumped in where no one else would or could and mastered Mercylane's debut release. Total professional experience with fantastic results. Looking forward to recording at the studio!"

- AUSTIN LYNN AUSTIN (Mercylane, The God Machine)

"Gothic and dark ambiance. Super vibey room. Had the pleasure to work with Alex on some soundscape noises. Very talented producer/mixer/engineer.  Highly recommend this place..."

- MEEGS RASCON (Coal Chamber, Gemini Syndrome)

"Alex mastered a song for me and it sounds great!!! He was quick and professional and great to work with!
His prices were competitive and worth it! Listen to Skumlove “Devil May Sing” to hear his work!"

- SKUM LOVE (Skumlove, Schecter Guitars)

"Alex is a joy to work with. Reliable, refined, and superbly talented. A rarity in this field of work."

- CHELA REA HARPER (Coal Chamber, White Empress, Sarasvati)

"I had an awesome experience at Stygian Sound! The decor was awesome, very cozy, comfy environment. It was awesome working with Alex, he was very professional and recorded my vocals just the way I wanted them. I highly recommend this studio."

- LEXI LAYNE (Recording Artist)

"Stygian Sound has a professional and modern setup. It also offers plenty of variety as far as production/equipment options and selections go. Alex is super easy to work with. I personally feel that we have a very good working relationship/partnership and would consider myself a 'regular client of his'. He has a great attitude and understanding of composition construction, along with music production. His engineering skills and ears are certainly not limited to few genres, but span across many, and his works show that he is very capable of producing at the highest level...FINAL PRODUCTS DO NOT LIE!"

- AARON LEE (Killin' Candace)

"Alex is very committed to the quality of his work, while still being efficient and timely. He tends to create an ambiance that is calm and brings out the best in you. He also communicates effectively and is willing to try new things. We cut vocal tracking, trumpet, and flugelhorn here for a jazz song. Alex also wrote instrumentals, mixed, mastered, and played on the song as well. He is a man of many talents! Check him out!!!"

- ANN MARIE NASSIF (Recording Artist)

"Alex is really easy to communicate to and is very efficient with his work. Definitely will be using this studio again for my big projects!"

- ANGEL CROWE (Midnight Nightmare)

"My band was looking for a good spot to do drum tracking and Alex had us go to a great place called ES Audio Recording studios. He did a wonderful job locking in the tone, engineering our drummer, and the process was done very smoothly. When I received the tracks, everything was so neatly organized and the quality of the recording came out phenomenal. Alex is defintely a genius at his craft and I highly recommend him to anyone!"

- JENNY ROSE COTA (Valkyrium)

"Working with Alex was a true pleasure. He is not only incredibly gracious, humble, flexible, and accommodating, but also (and most importantly) incredibly talented and amazing at what he does. A rare find for sure!"


"Working with Stygian Sound has been an absolute pleasure. Alex was flexible, determined, and extremely helpful throughout the entire process and we can't thank him enough for the final product and everything along the way."

- GRANT NACHBUR (Ritual Aesthetic, Gjinn Ghul)

"Alex is Suuuper easy to work with. Awesome sound system, flexible hours, and A very cool easy going person. The best part is he has a Very good ear. I'm becoming a regular customer!"


"Amazing & professional...working with Alex was a real pleasure and 100% guaranteed you're gonna have excellent results, so make sure to record and mix your next album with him."

- ORLANDO DRAVEN (Zeistencroix)

"Alex is the best producer I've ever worked with. Not only is he a cool laid back guy, he has a great ear, great overall vibe in his studio and is good at knowing HOW to bring the best outta you and the album you are creating with him. Extremely affordable rates, works at a great pace and you never once feel like he is rushing you. My band's album isn't even completed yet, but I know that it's gonna sound so amazing. Last but not least, I think I've found the sole producer I EVER want to work with for life in Alex! Stygian sound is always the choice for Fracture!"


"Very professional and organized, thank you for being so efficient and easy to work with!"


"Great ear, quick, efficient, true passion for music and sound engineering. If you are looking into working with a real professional, reach out to Alex Crescioni. Thank you Stygian Sound for working with The Dark and Corlyx!"

- BRANDON ASHLEY (The Dark, Corlyx)

"Alex is great at making sure your music sounds killer. He is a great guy who treats you and your music with respect. For our band he always makes sure we are happy with the final product and there is great communication from start to finish. He is basically our unofficial band member \m/"

- LUIS PALACIOS (Eternally Yours)

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