The DOOMCHILD is a unique fuzz pedal designed for rock and metal guitar players. Put it in front of your low to high gain tube amp and blend to taste. A little gain goes a long way. Find your sweet spot and get a creamy fuzz texture that will fatten up your slow doomy riffs. This particularly shines on low tunings with slow riffing. Push the gain all the way to 10 for a gnarly bit crushing tone. If you're a fan of BEEFY FUZZ you will love adding the DVVMCHILD to your pedalboard!

This video features demonstrations of a simple yet powerful riff performed in three different tunings. Drop C on the Schecter Reaper 6, Drop A on the UVA Instruments Anubis SG, and Standard F on the Schecter Hellraiser C-7. Each tuning showcases the dry rhythm tone, the Doomchild ON with the gain at 5, and the Doomchild ON with the gain at 10.

Guitar signal chain: Guitar, Mogami Instrument Cable, Doomchild Fuzz, Laney VH100R on the rhythm channel with gain at 7 and EQ flat, mic'd up with an SM57 on a Celestion greenback 4x12 cabinet, into a Neve 511 500 series pre-amp, straight into Pro Tools. Purchase your DOOMCHILD here: http://www.doomchildeffects.bigcartel...

DOOMCHILD design and branding by Alex Crescioni and Zander Reddis. Circuitry engineering by Pedrick Walker. Audio and Video Produced by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound.